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 A Few Words From Our Happy Customers 

Mrs. M.Ong

"After taking DairyCare for 2 weeks I noticed that the symptoms associated with bloating and stomach cramps are now minimal. It helps in digestion and improves bowel movement. I think DairyCare is a good digestive supplement for those suffering from lactose intolerance."

Ms. J. Lim

"The past few months I suffered from lactose intolerance whenever I ate dairy products. The flatulence is very bad and embarrassing. So I totally stopped taking milk, cheese and yoghurt. A pharmacist told me to avoid these products as no medication would help. Not until I found DairyCare and no flatulence since I started taking DairyCare two weeks ago."

Mr. W.K.Lee

"After taking DairyCare pills, I felt better. I don't need to worry about bloating and flatulence (gas). Now I can drink milk with no worry of the after-effect from taking diary products."

Mr. L.K.Tan

"The DairyCare pills are very effective. After taking them for the first time and the flatulence that I have been having after each meal is gone. I would recommend this to others."

Ms. A.Goh

"DairyCare has helped me overcome my lactose intolerance for milk and dairy products. Previously I would avoid taking these products when I'm not at home for fear of diarrhea and stomach cramp."

Mr. H.P.Tan

"I had to avoid drinking milk and eating too much milk-products for six years as these led to flatulence and embarrassing situations. With DairyCare I no longer need to forego these foods."

Mr. F. Foo

"Since 2 years ago, I started experiencing funny symptoms whenever I consume dairy products, notably milk, cakes and ice cream early in the morning. These symptoms can range from a simple flatulence condition to more severe cases of diarrhea. I didn't know that this is a treatable condition till I came to know of this product, DairyCare. Before this, I just refrained from consuming milk, cakes etc as much as possible, though it could be a bit challenging at times to avoid my favorite food. Ever since I started on a course of DairyCare supplements, the abovementioned conditions have not recurred. There were no side effects and more importantly, I don't have to observe certain strict diets just because I am on DairyCare. To the contrary, I can safely have my cake and eat it (without the flatulence, and diarrhea!) Thank you."

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